Women across the Middle East are stepping into the workforce and into the entrepreneur force, and the turmoil of the economic spring is in some ways making that possible. Women face barriers to professional growth across the Arab world, and being their own bosses helps alleviate that.
Bani Walid, in western Libya, is the last holdout of deposed and killed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. In the revolution that deposed him, Bani Walid never fell to the rebels, and has since openly continued to profess allegiance to the dead dictator. But now, a conflict has erupted between the Libyan government on one side, and Bani Walid leaders.
A Turkish baker, who says he had high hopes for Barack Obama when he was elected U.S. president back in 2008, says he's disappointed with how the whole term has turned out. But he's baked Obama into a baklava, hoping the sugary dessert will help Obama take a sweeter tact with his foreign policy.
In Southern California, a stone's throw from the Mexican border, there's a little town called Brawley -- a hotbed, believe it or not, of major league pitching talent. But the secret to the town's success lies some 22 miles to the south, in a Mexican city called Mexicali.
Scientists from Utah have been collecting hair from across the country, and even the world. They're building it into a map that will show where a person lives, where they've traveled. It's been useful to law enforcement, trying to solve crimes.
Homeless and getting around in make-shift wheelchairs, disabled by polio, the band members of Staff Benda Bilili defined down-on-their-luck. But in 2009, fame knocked on their doors. Since then, they've turned their lives upside down — and gone on a world tour, which brings them to the U.S. now.
In Kenya's Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha drives the economy. It's a draw for wildlife, tourists, business -- and pollution, which is imperiling all the rest. But a series of partnerships have cleaned up the lake and got it back on track.
There's not previously been a legal abortion clinic on the Irish island. But this week, a new clinic opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While it won't provide surgical abortions, women who meet strict criteria can go there and get the abortion pill. The whole episode marks a change in Irish culture, but has still ignited protests.
Politicians of all stripes are clamoring to lay out how they'd support continued growth in green energy jobs. But when it comes to talking about green jobs, politicians are focused mostly on the jobs part and less on the green.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard went on the offensive, recently, telling her opponent he had no right to lecture her on sexism — because of his own behavior. In a 15-minute speech, she cited multiple examples of his "misogyny" — and in the process ignited a discussion about the meaning of the word, which might change the dictionary itself.