Donald Trump has callously thrown around accusations of treason aimed toward his political rivals — others think the president's actions are worthy of the charge. Treason is a high bar to prove in the US, but in Ukraine, a presidential treason conviction was announced earlier this year. And it has lessons for American democracy, experts say.

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A hand holds two food products in plastic boxes at a market
S-market in Helsinki has started holding "happy hours" at their stores. But instead of getting a cheap beer, shoppers get a discount on, say, a pound of shrimp or a pork tenderloin nearing its expiration date.
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The earliest reference to kugel goes back to the 13th century.
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A semicircle of Kurdish female fighters of the Women's Protection Unit (YPJ) gesturing V for Victory symbols in the Sheikh Maksoud neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria, on Feb. 7, 2018.
Following US President Donald Trump's announcement that the US will pull out of northeast Syria, the Kurds, an ethnic group split across four countries, could face an attack by Turkey. They've been fighting for autonomy for a century.
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves his Downing Street office.
The wife of a US diplomat allegedly hit and killed a British teenager in a car crash — and then used her diplomatic immunity to return to the US.
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A woman wearing military fatigues is shown sitting in a cemetary with several flags flying.
Donald Trump's decision to remove US troops from Syria leaves the Kurdish forces there vulnerable. We take a look at the Kurds, who are guarding large detention centers for ISIS fighters and their families. Plus, anti-Brexit members of the European Parliament are hosting a 60-piece band to deliver a musical plea for the UK to stick with Brussels. And in China, electric buses are everywhere — and there are very few in the US. The technology to switch to all-electric bus fleets exists, but the problem is range and charging. How do you keep electric buses running on time?
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A demonstrator wears a blue mask with a red hand painted across the mouth area.
The World's host Marco Werman talks with Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, on the Trump administration's move to blacklist Chinese companies that provided surveillance technology to track Turkic Uighurs and other Muslims.
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The front of an electric bus is shown with green, blue and white stripes.
Electric buses produce fewer emissions, are quieter and need less maintenance than diesel buses.
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US and Turkish military forces conduct a joint ground patrol inside the security mechanism area in northeast, Syria, October 4, 2019.
If US troops leave Syria, Kurds may no longer be able to hold the line against ISIS attacks, says a researcher with the Rojava Information Center, a research and advocacy group for the Kurdish areas of Syria.
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A man stands next to a mannequin with a burning hat.
Olena Sotnyk was a member of Ukraine's parliament until July. She says the impeachment inquiry makes her worried Ukraine has lost the support of the United States.
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A US soldier is seen in the nearground wearing full battle fatigues and looking out on two members of the Syrian Democratic Forces.
US troops have withdrawn from border posts in northeastern Syria following a policy shift from President Donald Trump endorsing a Turkish military plan to move into the region. The decision has deeply alarmed former US officials who see it as a betrayal of America's allies in the region. Also, Republican Jeff Flake, who served in the House and Senate for 18 years representing Arizona, gives us his thoughts into the political calculations Republicans on Capitol Hill are making amid the Trump impeachment inquiry. And, the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has blocked major roadways in London, as they did in the spring, this time disrupting 12 major sites.