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Full story - June 20, 2008
In the novel, Attachment, a wife assumes her husband's identity and begins an email correspondence with his lover. Kurt asks Fonseca what it's like to write about infidelity when she's in a happy marriage -- and about her own experience as the ?other woman? of novelist Martin Amis, now her husband. Actor Laurie Metcalf reads excerpts from the book.
Full story - April 23, 2010
What would Holden Caulfield be like if he took antidepressants? Actor Brian Vincent plays Holden in Eric Molinsky's satire.
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Full story - October 24, 2008
Kevin Kallaugher, better known as KAL, has been the cartoonist at The Economist for 30 years. He explains how the donkey and elephant came to represent the parties, and charts their evolution in our culture. Produced by Gretta Cohn.
Full story - February 06, 2009
Kurt lands in Tokyo's Shibuya -- glitzy and bustling, it makes Times Square look quaint, and it's the epicenter of teen culture. Kurt meets up with blogger Lisa Katayama, who takes Kurt to a girl haven: the sticker picture booth. Striking poses against glittery pink and purple backdrops just might be Japan's secret to happiness.
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Full story - November 23, 2007
Tea historian Jane Pettigrew explains why the world has never recovered from an American innovation.