Full story - October 09, 2009
Full story - April 24, 2009
"It does fly... right by a gas station." Kurt goes for a test drive with Steve Fambro, the inventor/engineer behind a 3-wheeled electric car that looks like George Jetson's space pod. Produced by Queena Kim.
Full story - March 06, 2009
"Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail" is the latest in the saga of the gun-toting grandma played by Perry in drag. The movies are hugely popular, but are often panned in reviews. Two critics, Melissa Anderson and Armond White, explain why their colleagues are missing out. Produced by Trent Wolbe.
Full story - January 07, 2011
Full story - September 12, 2008
The new computer game ?Spore? lets users create single-celled microbes and, as the game progresses, they ?evolve? into complex creatures and highly developed civilizations. The game's creator, Will Wright, who also invented ?The Sims,? weighs in on the intelligent design debate, and gives Kurt pointers on how to create his very own species.
Full story - October 29, 2010
Full story - July 19, 2008
Kurt remembers the essay that brought him to New York, and the blind date that changed his life.
Full story - April 16, 2010
Full story - January 25, 2008
A lot of us learned that Guglielmo Marconi invented radio, but Nikola Tesla transmitted electromagnetic waves before Marconi ?- the Supreme Court decided the case in 1943. Jim Stagnitto, the Director of Engineering for WNYC, gives Kurt a tour at the top of the Empire State Building to check out a radio transmitter in action.
Full story - January 22, 2010