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Jonathan Mitchell is a writer in Los Angeles. He's written a novel about his life experience with Asperger's syndrome, an autism-spectrum disorder. Independent producer Tamar Brott met Mitchell in a writing class a few years ago. And Kurt begins his conversation with researcher Blythe Corbett, of the U.C. Davis M.I.N.D. Institute in Sacramento, a center dedicated to autism research.
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"I Am Art" is a daring show at New York City's Apex Art. It presents the work of four different plastic surgeons. On display are photos and videos of all types of procedures, from cleft palate reconstruction to cosmetic nose jobs. Produced by Studio 360's Sarah Lilley.
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Scott Shepherd Actor Scott Shepherd can recite all of The Great Gatsby from memory, having starred in an experimental theater work called Gatz. Kurt gives him a pop quiz.
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Ruthie Foster sings the song live in Studio 360.
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Today Jeff Lieberman is a musician, a photographer, and getting his PhD in Robotics. He's also the host of ?Time Warp? on the Discovery Channel. But years ago, when Lieberman was a teenager, he was unsure whether to choose a creative or scientific path. Then he encountered an amazing sculpture by the artist Arthur Ganson. Produced by Lindsay Patterson.
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