Full story - November 23, 2007
Josh Ritter performs "Best for the Best" live in Studio 360.
Full story - February 05, 2010
Full story - April 17, 2009
Listener Rohn Amegatcher of Tacoma, Washington made a creative career change after his construction management business folded. He tells Kurt about his new career as a woodworker and cook.
Full story - December 17, 2010
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Full story - June 13, 2008
The work of the San Diego architect takes its cues from the "informal design" (that's another way of saying "shantytowns") of Tijuana. But selling his radical designs to new immigrants is a challenge; they tend to want a house with a white picket fence. Studio 360's Peter Crimmins crossed the border with Cruz to find out more.
Full story - March 12, 2010
Full story - August 08, 2008
China's government has a strategy of using ?soft power? to improve the country's image ?- promoting the arts, building language schools abroad, and, of course, remaking Beijing itself for the Olympics. But it's a strategy with some pitfalls. Kurt talks with Orville Schell, a journalist and scholar who directs the Asia Society Center on China-U.S. Relations.
Full story - August 20, 2010
Full story - December 26, 2008
Ari Folman is still haunted by his Israeli military service during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. He was in Beirut during the Sabra and Shatila massacres, when Palestinian refugees were killed by Lebanese militiamen. Folman tries to reclaim his lost memories in "Waltz With Bashir," but unlike most documentaries, the film is animated.