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You know them for their catchy futuristic-disco song "Whip It" and their iconic flowerpot-like head gear, but Devo has surprisingly serious origins. After witnessing the killings at Kent State, the band came together to address the heavy issues of the day in their music when no other bands would. Produced by Michael May.
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Young adults in Japan are unemployed, disenchanted, and depressed. Roland Kelts talks to poet Misumi Mizuki, novelist Ryu Murakami, and other artists to understand why. And he finds that Japan's troubled youth might be changing the country for the better.
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Superman's outfit is made from the fabric he was swaddled in when he crash-landed from Krypton. Margot Kidder, Brandon Routh and artist William Pope L.. Explore what it's like for mortal men to fill out the tights.
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They got their start at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in 1939. Sixty-nine years later, the band remains a gospel music institution. For their latest album, Down in New Orleans, the Blind Boys went to Louisiana for a new take on some classic spirituals. Blind Boys perform live in the studio and one of the group's original members, Jimmy Carter, tells Kurt how they got started.
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Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers perform "Nightingale" in Studio 360.