Full story - October 17, 2008
On America's first highways, road signs were hand-painted on wood. When interstates became standardized, so did the typeface. But in all sorts of conditions it still looks fuzzy. Designer Don Meeker helped bring signage back into focus. Produced by Derek John.
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Since the 1950s, Art Rosenbaum has traveled all over the U.S. recording endangered music -- from Appalachian banjo players to Mexican farm workers. Philip Graitcer went with Rosenbaum on a recent recording trip in northern Georgia.
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Full story - February 29, 2008
When the Congolese civil war broke out in 1998, the novelist Emmanuel Dongala and his family fled Brazzaville. While he was hiding with 40 others in a house as rockets hissed by and exploded just a few meters away, books became Dongala's refuge. Produced by Michele Siegel.
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A few weeks ago we asked listeners to submit original haiku inspired by the state of the economy. Dozens poured in: our own unscientific proof that the financial crisis is a boon for creativity. Here are some of our favorites.