Full story - September 24, 2018
Shipping containers are seen at a port in Shanghai, China, with a green truck driving through the middle.
The United States and China imposed fresh tariffs on each other's goods on Monday as the world's biggest economies showed no signs of backing down from an increasingly bitter trade dispute that is expected to knock global economic growth.
Full story - September 23, 2018
A crowd of people fill a street waiting on line to vote in Sri Lanka
Voting has been extended as people began queueing in the capital. On some islands, people waited in line on Saturday night. 
Full story - September 23, 2018
A group of men in bright florescent vests dig in a muddy riverbank
After decades of theft, spills and corruption, Royal Dutch Shell is shifting its production from the Niger Delta to offshore fields.
Full story - September 22, 2018
A computer screen of code is next to a copy of a painting
A team of French entrepreneurs have written a computer algorithm that can create original paintings with some resemblance to works by Old Masters such as Rembrandt.
Full story - September 22, 2018
A woman in red turns around next to a line of men all in suits.
British Prime Minister Theresa May demanded new proposals and respect from European Union leaders on Friday, saying after a summit in Austria that talks had hit an impasse.
Full story - September 21, 2018
Next week at the UN, Trump plans to stay on message, touting his drive to protect US sovereignty before world leaders, some of them worried about America's commitment to the multilateralism that has governed the United Nations since the end of World War II.
Full story - September 20, 2018
Although the change will have no immediate effect on current bans on the Russian federations for athletics, weightlifting and paralympics, it opens the door for their return, following the reinstatement of the Russian Olympic Committee after the country was banned from this year's Winter Games in South Korea.
Full story - September 20, 2018
"Officers working alongside experts have concluded that hundreds of reported cat mutilations in Croydon and elsewhere were not carried out by a human and are likely to be the result of predation or scavenging by wildlife," London police said.
Full story - September 19, 2018
A majority of Europeans support taking in refugees although many disapprove of how the European Union has handled a record influx of migrants that peaked three years ago, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.
Full story - September 19, 2018
South Korean President Moon Jae-in shakes hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with both carrying folders.
North Korea said on Wednesday it would permanently abolish its key missile facilities in the presence of foreign experts, the latest gesture by leader Kim Jong-un to revive faltering talks with Washington over his country's nuclear program.