Full story - October 03, 2016
The view from Mexico to the US at the Nogales point of entry.
Activists say US border policies have resulted in the deaths of migrants trying to cross the desert on the southern border. But it has also created jobs in a region where teenagers are recruited as smugglers by cartels.
Full story - September 30, 2016
Statue of a young boy looking out over school yard
In the latest from Otherhood, Rupa Shenoy talks to TCKs about the good and the bad of being a "global nomad."
Full episode - September 29, 2016
Drawing of woman taking of her face to show a globe```
TCKs — or third culture kids — often lie when asked when they're from.
Full story - September 16, 2016
At one point one-third of Laos had a US bomb on it.
How did the US go from being a country that denied secretly bombing Laos to finally taking responsibility, 40 years later?
Full episode - September 15, 2016
Thao Nguyen sings with Ira Glass and John Hodgman.
A secret US war created a new generation of Americans who changed foreign policy.
Full story - September 01, 2016
The band Thousand Days
A Jewish ski and tennis pro who survived Nazi and Russian occupations came to America penniless, built a fortune and used it to pay for the graduate school educations of hundreds of immigrants and kids of immigrants. In this episode of Otherhood we talk to one of them — Pardis Sabeti, a badass geneticist and super-cool rockstar who's also humble, genuine and driven to help others, even after going through a devastating accident that kept her in bed, staring at a wall, for months.
Full episode - September 01, 2016
Pardis Sabeti, geneticist and lead singer of the band Thousand Days
Many of the most successful immigrants and kids of immigrants in the country know each other and hang out.
Full episode - August 18, 2016
An aerial view of freeway, with rows of police and protesters in front of an off-ramp
If every action starts with emotion, then current feelings about police violence may predict the possible future.
Full story - August 16, 2016
An aerial view of freeway, with rows of police and protesters in front of an off-ramp
Otherhood explores the emotions of people in the Black Lives Matter movement’s orbit: a refugee worried America is becoming more like the place he had to flee, a group determined to teach kids how to articulate their feelings; and an ally, neither black nor white, who finds her place in the protests.
Full story - August 05, 2016
People light candles on the ground
It isn't easy being Muslim and black in Minnesota, where there have been two police killings of black men in less than a year. But Somali immigrants are finding power in joining with their African American neighbors.