Although same-sex marriage isn’t legal, Vietnam is at the forefront of gay rights in the region and gay weddings are not uncommon.
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the Art Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi is showing “Vietnam: 25 Years of Documenting a Changing Country,” a photo exhibition of National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow’s lifelong work in that country. In his introduction to the exhibition, Andrew Lam writes that the photographs capture a country that has many versions of itself.
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Meet Khmerican CEO and founder Derek Phan.
This term began as a martial arts kick and now is the name of a site connecting Cambodian Americans across the US.
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An advertisement for "It's OK, That's Love," a Korean TV show that aired this summer and became one of the country's few public forums discussing mental health.
Very few South Koreans seek help for mental health issues, and even fewer people talk about it openly. But both of those things may be changing thanks to a TV drama called “It’s OK, That’s Love,” which is bringing open talk of mental health problems into South Korea's media-saturated mainstream.
Many Somalis have fled their homeland in the wake of that country's long civil war. As they've resettled, they've had a hard time finding employment. But program in Maine has tapped their native skills and is helping them get established as farmers.
Georgia's Latino immigrant community is growing, both in size and influence. In many cases, the community is looking to Latino women to lead its efforts.
Tuy Sobil came to the US as an undocumented immigrant and made a poor decision. At the age of 13, he joined a gang. Five years later, he committed an armed robbery and went to jail and ultimately was deported. But that moment turned his life around — and now he's using breakdance, a passion, to help kids in Cambodia.
Unemployment among Hispanics outstrips that of non-Hispanic whites, by a good margin. An increasing number of Hispanic moms are trying to remove themselves from that group by getting their college education, but they're finding colleges and universities aren't quite ready for moms.
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Filipino Americans played an important and early role in reforming the farm movement — a role that hasn't been widely acknowledged. A new law in California aims to put them in the history books.
When the government shutdown on Tuesday, a whole bunch of federal employees were told to stay home. Many, a disproportionate number in fact, were African Americans.
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Undocumented immigrants who are gay or lesbian face coming out of the closet twice: both as gay or lesbian, and as an undocumented immigrant. For one man in California, the Supreme Court's dismissal of DOMA let him come out for the second time.