Though firefighters have contained 85 percent of the ongoing fire near Yosemite and prevented any structural damage or lost lives, a two-year drought in California has the region vulnerable for more fires in the future.
North Korea's young ruler has a singular mission, experts say, preserve the family dynasty. And in that context, Kim Jong Un's sabre-rattling and his invitation to have Dennis Rodman visit the isolated country all makes sense.
The NSA has been publicly accused of tracking data on Americans. The agency requested -- and was granted -- a court order requiring a unit of Verizon to turn over all of its records on a daily basis. Plus, the NSA and the FBI are accused of operating a top-secret program to track user data from the servers of nine leading Internet companies.
Hispanics are making up an increasing portion of the population and are becoming an increasingly large portion of the college student population as well. But as Hispanics break records for enrollment, they still lag when it comes to finishing their four-year degrees.
A school principal in Colorado, whose 13-year-old son was sexually assaulted by three upperclassmen, says the small town they lived in did little to support his son or prevent further incidents. The case is just one in a what a recent study says is a rising number or boy-on-boy sexual hazing incidents.
As the first funerals were held, public memorials to the victims of last week's Boston Marathon explosion continue to grow. They're biggest along Boylston Street -- the street where racers were supposed to finish their marathon, until the terrorist attacks hit.
As the United States begins to withdraw from Afghanistan after more than a decade of military involvement, China is beginning to increase its presence, both diplomatically and financially.
A doctor and medical ethicist says parents who choose not to vaccinate their children should be liable, in the form of lawsuits, for anyone who becomes sick from their child. Dr. Art Caplan's comments come as New York City is fighting to contain a growing epidemic of the measles.
A bill that would ban abortions for women more than 20 weeks pregnant and could close down all but five abortion clinics in Texas was defeated Tuesday after a nearly 13-hour filibuster from State Senator Wendy Davis. Though she may have only delayed the inevitable, it brought her support from many around the country.
A potato gun is a WMD. At least, the strict, plain-English definition of a weapon of mass destruction would include the old-fashioned potato gun. Through changes over the years, the definition of a WMD has been broadened -- and now prosecutors have all the power when it comes to charging people.