A man believed to be Bowe Bergdahl is pictured in a frame grab from a video released by the Taliban. The image was released by IntelCenter on Dec. 8, 2010.
The Afghan Taliban have offered to exchange Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay. The move is sure to divide those who refuse to return Taliban leaders and those who demand Bergdahl be returned to the United States as soon as possible. He was captured in 2009 at the age of 23 and had been held since.
Mikhail Allakhverdov is the man called Misha, who members of the Tsarnaev family say must have been responsible for radicalizing their sons, before they launched their attack on the Boston Marathon. But in an interview recently, he denied having anything to do with that.
Pakistan faces a recurring problem keeping the lights on. And not just the lights, but also the factories. There are regular blackouts in the country, but the new prime minister has promised to get the power turned back on, and kept on regularly.
Immigration reform is closer to reality with a proposal in the Senate to beef up border security and win Republican support for the entire package. But one Mexican journalist says not so fast. He says all the money in the world won't seal the border -- and will come with high costs of their own.
As more information comes out about Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons on its rebels, U.S. defense officials came forward Thursday and acknowledged they were actively considering providing weapons to certain branches of the Syrian rebels.
Many American families are no longer conforming to the traditional nuclear family. Jennifer Finney Boylan and her family, is just one example. More than ten years ago, Boylan transitioned from male to female and has remained married to her wife Deidre, all while raising two sons.
North Korea's young ruler has a singular mission, experts say, preserve the family dynasty. And in that context, Kim Jong Un's sabre-rattling and his invitation to have Dennis Rodman visit the isolated country all makes sense.
Hispanics are making up an increasing portion of the population and are becoming an increasingly large portion of the college student population as well. But as Hispanics break records for enrollment, they still lag when it comes to finishing their four-year degrees.
Attorney General Eric Holder has been unpopular with Congress practically since he took office -- especially Congressional Republicans. But now, with the media outraged over his handling of investigations into national security leaks, Republicans are looking into whether he may have lied to Congress about those investigations.
An Arizona law that required the state's voters to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote will not stand, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the bill unconstitutional. What the decision means for three other states with similar laws, as well as other voter restrictions, though, remains to be seen.