@ -- that little symbol that has come to define the digital age -- is permanently enshrined in New York City's Museum of Modern Art. But lest you think this symbol is purely a creation of the digital age, it goes back much farther. In fact, the symbol's first recorded use was by monks in the sixth or seventh century.
The NSA has been publicly accused of tracking data on Americans. The agency requested -- and was granted -- a court order requiring a unit of Verizon to turn over all of its records on a daily basis. Plus, the NSA and the FBI are accused of operating a top-secret program to track user data from the servers of nine leading Internet companies.
Carlos Arredondo's story is a sad one. Lost one son in Iraq, lost another son to suicide. On Monday he was at the Boston Marathon, supporting people running in honor of his sons. When the bombs struck, though, he rushed to help the wounded and became iconic for helping a man who lost both his legs, but survived.
A school principal in Colorado, whose 13-year-old son was sexually assaulted by three upperclassmen, says the small town they lived in did little to support his son or prevent further incidents. The case is just one in a what a recent study says is a rising number or boy-on-boy sexual hazing incidents.
The increase in online shopping has led to more items arriving on doorsteps ensconced in styrofoam packaging. The purchase is safe-and-sound, but what to do with the styrofoam? One New York-based company is turning to mushrooms to literally grow new, biodegradable, all-natural packaging.
As the United States begins to withdraw from Afghanistan after more than a decade of military involvement, China is beginning to increase its presence, both diplomatically and financially.
For several days, Paul Kevin Curtis was the prime suspect in the investigation into the mailing of letters contaminated with ricin poisoning to the president and Capitol Hill. But now, James Everett Dutschke has come under suspicion, though he too, pleads his innocence.
A bill that would ban abortions for women more than 20 weeks pregnant and could close down all but five abortion clinics in Texas was defeated Tuesday after a nearly 13-hour filibuster from State Senator Wendy Davis. Though she may have only delayed the inevitable, it brought her support from many around the country.
The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that companies cannot patent parts of naturally-occurring human genes, a decision with the potential to profoundly affect the emerging and lucrative medical and biotechnology industries.
Mikhail Allakhverdov is the man called Misha, who members of the Tsarnaev family say must have been responsible for radicalizing their sons, before they launched their attack on the Boston Marathon. But in an interview recently, he denied having anything to do with that.