Full story - June 17, 2014
Rakhat chocolate sees an opportunity.
In the world of chocolate, competition is fierce. Kazakhstan is incredibly proud of its domestic chocolatier, Rakhat. With trouble in Ukraine, a major supplier of chocolate to Russia, Kazakhs see opportunity.
Fathers are routinely denied the right to be present for the birth of their children in Trinidad and Tobago, and in many other Caribbean territories.
K-pop girl group SNSD
K-pop is a South Korean success story of music exports and glamour. But even the best-known artists like Psy, behind the hit Gangnam Style, can face unpredictable censorship by an array of TV networks and government agencies.
CCTV Spring Gala image
Known as Chunwan, the New Year's variety show typically draws hundreds of millions of viewers. But when it aired on January 30, 2014, it seemed long on propaganda and short on entertainment, disappointing nearly 60% of Chinese, according to a survey.
Julie Gayet at Deauville
This weekend, French President François Hollande confirmed that he is separating from his partner Valérie Trierweiler. The French seemed to shrug at the news of Hollande's affair with actress Julie Gayet, seeing love and politics as separate. But France's neighbors and its former colonies don't necessarily agree.
Ukraine law
The Ukrainian parliament has passed a law that restricts free speech, peaceful protest and free communications in the country, leaving citizens and journalists outraged.
Emoya Shantytown1
For 82 US dollars, you can "experience" poverty in a fake slum in South Africa, the only one in the world "equipped with under-floor heating and wireless Internet access."
Rights lawyer Nasreen Stoudeh with Sattar Beheshti's mother at a memorial event for the murdered blogger.
With many focused around the world on the talks over Iran's nuclear program, some human rights activists, friends, and family members gathered to remember Sattar Beheshti, an Iranian blogger allegedly tortured to death while in prison.
Google Reunion Ad Still
Google India made an ad to show how the search engine could help people reconnect with old friends. Now the campaign has touched an emotional chord across Pakistan and India, by reawakening memories of the painful partition of India in 1947.
Eddie Avila was born in Kansas to Bolivian parents. Growing up, he was more interested in basketball than football — the version we'd call soccer. But when he eventually moved home to Bolivia, it was soccer that called him there and helped him connect with his native land.