Full story - August 27, 2019
A man stands outside next to a tent.
Alexander Gabyshev is walking to Moscow in a journey to save Russia from Putin, who he believes will leave the country in ruin.
Full story - June 13, 2019
Two medical staff wear face masks at hospital.
After a boy and his grandmother traveling from DR Congo into Uganda die from Ebola, these cases confirm fears that the Ebola virus could spread from DR Congo to Uganda, due to frequent, informal and porous cross-border migration.
Full story - December 28, 2018
Venezuela President Maduro in blue suit holds his hands out and speaks at news conference.
In Venezuela, the new "Fatherland Card" was introduced as a way to streamline the state-administered distribution of food. But many fear it may be part of a biometric ID system that could determine which citizens have access to basic services based on their political allegiances.
Full story - December 24, 2018
Three girls peer over the pew in church in China.
Christmas is approaching but instead of feeling joyful, many in mainland China have expressed frustration over China's ideological campaign against Christmas as a Western festival.
Full story - December 20, 2018
A woman walks past tombstones in the Alley of Martyrs memorial cemetery in Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 8, 2012.
The conflict over the disputed region erupted as the Soviet Union collapsed, and still simmers today. For two months now, approximately 100 mothers of soldiers who died during the Nagorno-Karabakh war have been going from one state institution to another, in search of compensation promised to them by the state.
Full story - December 12, 2018
Twitter bird with Chinese flag colors in a cage.
The Dec. 5 release of 42 testimonies collected by China Change, a Chinese human rights advocacy site, details the ordeals of hundreds of Twitter users who have been detained and interrogated by national security police officers since September 2018.
Full story - December 06, 2018
A woman holds a sign in Russian that says "I'm against censorship."
US tech giant Google has been accused of over-complying with censorship requests from the Russian government, such as removing YouTube videos posted by an opposition figure and a controversial rapper.
Full story - November 29, 2018
A webcomic with two panels depicts a woman telling a story.
Indonesia's Supreme Court sentenced Baiq Nuril Makmun to 6 months in prison for documenting her abuser. But public outrage over the verdict has forced the office of the attorney general to temporarily suspend her imprisonment.
Full story - November 13, 2018
Sign at a guesthouse reads "there is space" in Swahili
Tanzania’s stigmatization of sexual minorities along with repression of media and political space have caused its relationship with the world to deteriorate.
Full story - October 26, 2018
Jair Bolsonaro pictured with his mouth.
Jair Bolsonaro's campaign has spread deceitful and misleading news debunked by fact-checkers. Brazil's electoral courts planned to take measures to curb the spread of fake news, but they underestimated its impact, and the measures hardly came to fruition.