Full story - November 21, 2018
a man on a bike in argentina
As Venezuela’s economic crisis worsens, almost 7,000 Venezuelan engineers have moved to Argentina during the past two years. But Argentina’s economy is staggering, too, and the job market is fiercely competitive, so where does that leave a trained engineer?
Full story - October 04, 2018
a woman in buenos aires stands in front of her informal home
Rents in many informal settlements in Buenos Aires are just as high as rents in the city’s safer districts, which boast better utilities. But many have no choice but to live in the former, because rental contracts in the latter demand onerous down payments beyond the reach of many locals.
Full story - October 01, 2018
a man mixes cement in argentina
Facing an acute housing shortage and the plummeting value of the Argentine peso, Argentina’s housing authority is touting a construction solution that would be both cheap and fast. But for the country’s construction industry, this solution may turn out to be a problem.
Full story - September 25, 2018
an abandoned outdoor theater in haiti
Haiti’s 2010 earthquake forever altered the country, including the devastation of Haiti’s nascent theater scene. Eight years later, advocates are reviving the art and discovering the role of theater in rebuilding the nation.
Full story - September 05, 2018
Mothers who attend nutrition classes in Matyebili, Uganda, have a chance to weigh their children
Some 5.3 million Ugandans face acute food insecurity, while 36 percent of children in the country are undernourished or stunted.
Full story - September 03, 2018
a woman prepares herbs for a treatment
Aside from their belief in the supernatural, more and more Haitians are looking for healing from Voodoo priests rather than physicians, because of far lower fees. One former priest likens healing rituals to psychotherapy.
Full story - August 30, 2018
Modeda Isambaboza sniffing tobacco
Modeda Isambaboza says that a friend introduced him to tobacco powder as a potential remedy for his sinusitis.
Full story - August 30, 2018
selling grasshoppers for food in Uganda
A good source of protein, and delicious fried. The trouble has been that the insects can only be had during certain months, but researchers are seeking to solve this problem and, in turn, reduce malnutrition across the country.
Full story - August 28, 2018
a nepali woman with her infant
In Nepal, many families view the birth of a baby girl as an economic burden, so some pregnant women abort girl fetuses. One local Nepali government is encouraging families to keep their daughters — and it’s paying them for having baby girls.
Full story - August 25, 2018
a house for sale in buenos aires argentina
The Argentine government created a program that was supposed to make it easier for first-time home buyers to get a mortgage. But the slumping Argentine peso has put the plans of many would-be buyers in jeopardy because most homes are priced in dollars.