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Newspaper clippings in scrapbook about the attack on Pearl Harbor
Nearly half of the 68 civilians killed on Pearl Harbor day were Japanese American and the Hawaii Territorial Guard, which mobilized the morning of December 7 was largely made up of Nisei, the children of Japanese immigrants. That was before they were incarcerated for being Japanese.
People line up in front of a bulding
States were left to design a system for massive civilian absentee voting. And in a hodgepodge of rules and regulations, people held in camps were effectively disenfranchised.
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A group of workers pose in a farm, wearing their work clothes. Top row standing, bottom row sitting. Black and white photo.
Farm workers of Japanese and Mexican heritage created a multilingual and multiracial coalition to fight for fair wages. The organization had a short life, but it stands as a powerful example of interracial solidarity in the history of labor relations.
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Two kimonos in the wind on a laundry line
Dorothea Lange was famous for her Dust Bowl America images. But she also documented the 1942 removal and imprisonment of Japanese Americans.
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Protesters show solidarity with Black Lives Matter by holding a sign on the street
Know your history: During World War II, Japanese Americans were imprisoned and, often, their homes were given to African American families. The housing policies created divisions, but also solidarity in movements for civil rights.