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What Saudi Aramco's IPO says about the future of fossil fuels, the strategy behind Donald Trump's use of nicknames, lifting the curtain on secret consumer scores, Sesame Street's 50th anniversary, the second life of used electric car batteries, following the route of the Central American migrant...
A new investigative series from CBC Podcasts and the Norwegian newspaper VG. Hunting Warhead follows an international team of police officers as they attempt to track down the people behind a massive child-abuse site on the dark web. Listen at
California wildfires create a troubling new normal for state residents, the Day Impeach-O-Meter cranks out its highest reading yet, why Terminator's Sarah Connor is a feminist icon, the surprising appeal of Hallmark holiday movies, Canada's time signal turns 80, Mike Sloan on navigating social...
Engineers in Australia say they'll turn down work that doesn't consider the climate, a farmer in Vermont makes spider web art, what to do with the 50 U.S. nukes in Turkey, the women in war exhibit at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Raptors Uprising and how to get a paying job in the NBA's...
How Australia made mandatory voting easy and even fun, how year one of legal weed has played out across Canada, why a U.S. Army veteran volunteered to fight alongside the Kurds, touring the University of Toronto's Margaret Atwood archives, Jad Abumrad on his new Dolly Parton podcast and more.
Full story - August 16, 2016
An image of Aaron Driver and RCMP officials
Aaron Driver attracted attention for his extremist beliefs long before he became an urgent priority of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Full story - August 15, 2016
Ibtihaj Muhammad speaks with Irene Vecchi
Bronze medal-winning fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad has drawn attention with her choice to wear a hijab in Olympic competition. But she's not the first, by far. It's an issue being faced by women at the highest level of sports around the world all the time.