Full story - December 11, 2015
Senior Superintendent Ijaz prepares for a night raid on a suspected Taliban kidnapping cell. The Pakistani Taliban have 'top-sliced' organised crime gangs across the city.
In Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, the Taliban have gained a new foothold, taking over organised crime and kidnapping networks to fund their activities. Reporter Mobeen Azhar was given unique access the police squad charged with tackling them: Karachi's so-called 'Taliban Hunters'.
Full story - November 23, 2015
The declining role of women in the media in North America
The role of women in presenting and reporting news in North America is dropping, a study says.
Full story - October 22, 2015
Robert Menard, a journalist from the group Reporters without Borders, speaks at a news conference in Athens May 29, 2008.
A mayor in the south of France has been accused of turning his city into a laboratory of the far right. But what is driving Robert Menard and why is he becoming the most controversial mayor in the country?
Full story - October 20, 2015
A silhouetted bride and groom
At 14 years old, one woman tells authorities she has a son. Others, pregnant, have gone missing from refugee centers.
Full story - October 14, 2015
A man walks along the coast of Old Providence.
At first glance Old Providence is paradise, a small Caribbean island with palm trees swaying in the breeze, white sands and emerald waters, untouched by mass tourism. But the island has a guilty secret — the huge number of people who have turned to drug-running and then disappeared.
Full story - August 28, 2015
Many female medical students face a dilemma: their careers or their families.
In Pakistan's prestigious medical schools, female students outshine and outnumber their male counterparts. However, many do not end up as practicing doctors — and now there are calls to limit their numbers.
Full story - August 27, 2015
Tieta was rescued from an animal fair in Rio de Janeiro.
In a ground-breaking project, a 10.5-ounce Brazilian toucan which lost the upper part of its beak while being trafficked has been fitted with a prosthesis made with a 3-D printer.
Full story - August 26, 2015
John Belushi portrait for the film "Animal House" in 1978.
Several of the world's national anthems are shockingly similar to other compositions. Is this because composers pilfer other people's tunes — or does it tell us more about the difficulties of writing an original melody, asks Alex Marshall, author of a new book on the history of national anthems.
Full story - August 25, 2015
The materials needed to make art can be expensive, too expensive for some. But one artist in South Africa has found away to combine his artistic passion and his love of recycling. Mbongeni Buthelezi collects plastic bags from the streets around his Johannesburg studio and melts them to create a unique kind of art — he calls it "plastic fantastic."
Full story - August 25, 2015
on border
Just across an open field, Hungary's new "wire barrier" glistens in the sunlight against the tall stalks of maize. It consists just of coils of razor wire for now - the real fence comes later - and some migrants have just pushed it down or thrown blankets or sleeping bags over it, to lessen the danger of injury.