Full story - March 01, 2021
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is shown wearing a dark suit and tie with a face mask, walking past security officials.
A Paris court on Monday found French former President Nicolas Sarkozy guilty of corruption and influence peddling and sentenced him to one year in prison and a two-year suspended sentence.
Full story - February 26, 2021
The Church of St. Mary of Zion in Axum is shown with its three rounded arcs with stain-glass windows and several people out from.
Soldiers from Eritrea systematically killed "many hundreds" of people, the large majority men, in a massacre in late November in the Ethiopian city of Axum, Amnesty International says in a new report.
Full story - February 25, 2021
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is shown with the fingertips of his hands pressed against each other and next to his mouth.
Armenia's prime minister accused top military officers on Thursday of attempting a coup after they demanded he step down, adding fuel to monthslong protests calling for his resignation.
Full story - February 24, 2021
A man is shown wearing a red sweatshirt and holding up a piece of white paper to block his face.
A former member of Syrian President Bashar Assad's secret police was convicted Wednesday by a German court of facilitating the torture of prisoners in a landmark ruling that human rights activists hope will set a precedent for other cases.
Full story - February 23, 2021
Circular razorwire is shown at the top of a fence with the dome of the US Capitol building in the distance and in soft focus.
Testifying publicly for the first time about the Jan. 6 insurrection, former security officials are poised to cast blame on the Pentagon, the intelligence community and each other for the disastrous failure to anticipate the violent intentions of the mob and defend the Capitol. Stream the hearings live here.
Full story - February 22, 2021
Several Pfizer workers ares shown wearing yellow safety vests and maks while moving boxes of the COVID-19 vaccine.
The US on Monday stands at the brink of a once-unthinkable tally: 500,000 people lost to the coronavirus.
Full story - February 19, 2021
President Joe Biden wearing a dark suit and red and white tie along with a face mask while sitting.
Joe Biden will make his first big appearance on the global stage as president on Friday, offering Group of Seven allies and other foreign leaders a glimpse into his plans to dramatically reshape U.S. foreign policy even as he deals with a number of international crises that are coming to a head.
Full story - February 18, 2021
An empty room is shown with boxes strewn around and bright light pouring in from the open windows.
Gunmen attacked a school in Nigeria's north-central Niger State early Wednesday, killing at least one student and abducting more than 40 people including students and teachers, according to officials.
Full story - February 17, 2021
A large crowd of people are shown with many carrying the Libyan flag in a blurred motion photograph.
Libyans on Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of their 2011 uprising that led to the overthrow and killing of longtime ruler Moammar Gadhafi.
Full story - February 16, 2021
A group of women, several wearing red, are shown with their hands in the air and with dozens of photographs in front of them.
Authorities in Belarus raided homes and offices of journalists and human rights activists Tuesday in the latest move to squelch protests against authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko.