Full story - October 18, 2021
Secretary of State Colin Powell looks on as President Bush addresses State Department employees at the State Department in Washington
Powell served under Democratic and Republican presidents during war and peace times.
Full story - October 11, 2021
A man and his wife show their ink-marked fingers after casting their votes inside a polling station in the country's parliamentary elections in Najaf, Iraq
The election was the sixth held since the fall of Saddam Hussein after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and none of the parties were expected to win a clear majority.
Full story - October 05, 2021
A woman and two men are sitting next to each other wearing blue Russian cosmonaut uniforms with the middle person holding a microphone.
A Russian actor and a film director rocketed to space Tuesday on a mission to make the world's first movie in orbit.
Full story - October 04, 2021
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is shown wearing a suit a face mask while walking next to First Lady Zinash Tayachew who is wearing a white and flower print dress.
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was sworn in Monday for a second five-year term running a country in the grip of a nearly year-long war against Tigray forces he described as "hateful" toward the nation.
Full story - October 04, 2021
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta is shown sitting and listening while wearing a dark suit and red tie.
A new report sheds light on how world leaders, powerful politicians, billionaires and others have used offshore accounts to shield assets collectively worth trillions of dollars.
Full story - October 01, 2021
A man is shown on his stand up paddle board with several boats docked in the distance along with Sydney's skyline.
Australia has outlined plans to lift a pandemic ban on its vaccinated citizens traveling overseas from November. But no date has yet been set for welcoming international tourists back.
Full story - September 30, 2021
A close up photograph of French former president Nicolas Sarkozy who is wearing a scarf.
Former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, was convicted Thursday for illegal campaign financing during his unsuccessful bid for reelection in 2012.
Full story - September 29, 2021
A bright red and orange light is shown as lava hits the sea with steam rising under the dark skies of night.
A bright red river of lava from the volcano on Spain's La Palma island finally tumbled over a cliff and into the Atlantic Ocean late Tuesday.
Full story - September 28, 2021
Several tall smoke stacks are shown with red and white stripes and large clouds of smoke pouring from them.
Power cuts in China to meet official energy use targets have forced many factories to shut down and left some households in the dark.
Full story - September 27, 2021
Olaf Scholz is shown in a close-up photoographer standing behind a microphone.
The party that narrowly beat outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel's bloc pushed Monday for a quick agreement on a coalition government, but Europe's biggest economy could still be in for weeks of uncertainty after an election that failed to set a clear direction.