Full episode - July 06, 2016
“What was unreasonable at 8 o'clock in the morning on September 11 may have been quite reasonable by 2 o'clock in the afternoon given the changed circumstances in which the country found itself.” (Michael Hayden, former former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency)
Full story - July 04, 2016
John Trumbull's painting, Declaration of Independence, depicting the five-man drafting committee of the Declaration of Independence presenting their work to the Congress.
Nonviolent struggle played an important role in the founding of the United States. During the colonial era, between 1765 and 1775, there were three major campaigns of nonviolent resistance before war broke out.
Full story - June 20, 2016
Sudanese human rights activist Mohamed Abubakr remembers the first time his sisters were forced to don the hijab after Islamists came into power in the 1990s and implemented Sharia law.
Full story - June 13, 2016
Mosque Musa in Mombasa
Increasingly, the Kenyan government has been taking steps to root out terrorists on its own soil, but the crackdown has been marked by disappearances and extrajudicial killings, which has only inflamed the simmering resentments of young men in the coastal city of Mombasa. 
Full episode - June 07, 2016
A photo from Mombasa
“This message of extremism is alien. It's alien to their culture, it's alien to their communities, it's alien for their future," said ambassador Phillip Carter, former deputy to the commander for civil military engagements, United States Africa Command).
Full story - May 26, 2016
Maryam Al-Khawaja
In Bahrain, New Zealand and South Africa, these three activists used non-violent resistance and protests to fight for human rights, environmental causes and equality.
Full story - May 15, 2016
Kids carrying signs showing faces of massacred
At the San José de Apartadó Peace Community, neither side in Colombia's long-running civil war is viewed as being in the right. The members of the community protest against both sides.
Full story - May 06, 2016
Zero Rupee Note
Inspired by the nonviolent activism of iconic social reformist Mahatma Gandhi, the activists from a group called 5th Pillar are addressing the problem of corrupt officials, one bribe at a time. The key? An innovative tool called the Zero Rupee note. This blatantly false, oversized purple bill, complete with Gandhi's portrait, is handed to any officials who ask for a bribe in order to shame them into changing their behavior.
Full story - May 03, 2016
Tibetans are embracing WeChat to communicate with friends and family who have left the remote part of China. But WeChat isn't just like any other social network, it's heavily monitored by the Chinese government.
Full episode - May 02, 2016
Students and teachers shout during a rally at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Monday, the start of a planned week-long class boycott for more democratic freedoms.
You get this feeling of sweeping non-violent movements today, in part because the knowledge is sweeping of how to fight without violence, and the fact that there may be better results as a consequence of that." (Mary King, author of the Freedom Song: A Personal Story of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement)