Full story - May 23, 2014
America is nearing a nuclear deal with Iran, leaving traditional allies like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States nervous about US commitment to their interests. Saudi Arabian columnist and former fighter pilot Turad Al-Amri offers the Saudi perspective, with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States looking to superpowers China and Russia to balance the equation. Produced by Joseph Braude.
Full story - May 23, 2014
In the face of sequester budget cuts, the American military is shrinking significantly. Normally associated with peacetime adjustments, downsizing during wartime is unheard of. For some officials, such as Acting Deputy Secretary Christine Fox, this is cause for concern.
Full story - May 21, 2014
Since World War Two, Japan has been the centerpiece of American security in the Pacific. About 50,000 US troops and 85 facilities are based here…along with the US Seventh Fleet. But in recent decades, the Japanese have worried about the strength of that US commitment to the defense of Japan.President Obama’s recent Asia tour and his so-called “pivot” to Asia was meant to assuage Japan.
Full episode - May 19, 2014
As America draws down troops from Afghanistan, cuts back on military spending and the size of its military, many worry that America’s leadership in the world and ability to protect its allies is eroding. On this edition of America Abroad we travel to Estonia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia to speak with US allies as well as officials and experts in Washington to understand how America’s defense cuts are perceived around the world.
Full story - May 08, 2014
As a member of NATO, Estonia knows it has the full force of the 28 nations behind it should Russia threaten its borders. Recent movements by NATO forces are reiterating that message to Moscow.