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Somali troops march against Al Shabaab
When Somali and African Union troops started gaining ground in Somalia's civil war, fighters from al-Shabaab turned to another weapon: The water supply. Now many Somali towns and cities struggle to find enough water to survive, even when government troops appear to be winning.
The introduction of better water management and water technology can change lives in places like Sub Saharan Africa. And it’s not just Sub Saharan Africa where water is a problem. The United Nations estimates that three-quarters of a billion people lack access to clean water and that almost two-point-five billion lack access to adequate sanitation. One solution to the problem may be through innovation and technology. Here's a look at three that are trying to make a difference.
Host Hari Sreenivasan talks to Manyang David Mayar about the situation in South Sudan where flooding and unrest has made it extremely difficult to find clean drinking water.
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Water is the most precious resource for communities around the globe. Yet, surprisingly, aid projects to drill wells in Kenya often failed because people didn't maintain the wells. Now communities are taking responsibility for cooperatively managing their water and their success is leading them to tackle other problems, like education.
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While India is known for it's monsoons more than its droughts, the country's Punjab region is suffering through a water crisis due to poor government planning.
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For the last several years under President Mubarak, then the Muslim Brotherhood, and now President-elect al-Sisi -- an expanding group of independent filmmakers in Egypt has been trying to capture the gritty realities of life in the country, while carefully maneuvering around censorship from the government, as well as society. One such The 2013 film is the most recent by Egyptian filmmaker Ahmad Abdulla, who is trying his best to fly under the radar of authority but still make an impact with audiences. Kimberly Adams has the story.