Full story - April 07, 2015
Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi is not only the daughter of Aung San, a beloved figure who secured Burma’s independence from Britain, but she's also an icon in her own right. Biographer Peter Popham talks about her rise to prominence and her political future.
Full story - April 07, 2015
Burma’s incredible diversity of cultures, backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities are mashed together in the rapidly developing city of Yangon. Its residents share their hopes and fears for Myanmar's uncertain future.
Full story - April 09, 2015
Thae Chaung IDP camp
Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim population is one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. They can’t vote. They have no rights. And they aren’t recognized as citizens in their own country. Their desperate situation has attracted the attention of human traffickers, who prey on the vulnerability of people like “Abdul” whose 14-year-old daughter is now being held captive.
Full episode - April 07, 2015
President Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi
This fall, Burma is scheduled to hold an historic presidential election. But with ongoing persecution of ethnic minorities and many other human rights issues, many wonder if it is ready for true reform.
Full story - March 04, 2015
Girls Forum
A practice that often goes along with child marriage is female genital mutilation — the tradition of cutting a girl's clitoris before she marries. It's estimated that 125 million women and girls have had that done to them. And advocates say you can’t address child marriage without addressing this practice.
Full story - March 04, 2015
Mabel van Oranje
A global issue like child marriage takes a global effort to change it, and that ‘s the idea behind Girls Not Brides, an organization founded in 2011 with this mission: end child marriage in one generation. Our host, Madeleine Brand spoke to the chair and founder of Girls Not Brides, Mabel van Oranje, about how she plans to meet her goal.
Full story - March 04, 2015
Difret's producer and director
In the southern part of Ethiopia, abducting children and forcing them into marriage is still a common practice. But advocates have found a unique way to change public opinion about this tradition: making and screening the award-winning film, Difret.
Full story - March 04, 2015
Girls from a scholarship program in Nepal
UNICEF reports that Nepal is among the 20 countries with the highest rates of child marriage — and its location in South Asia places it in the region with the most child marriages in the world. But the Nepalese government and local NGOs have been working together over the past few years to end the practice once and for all.
Full story - March 04, 2015
Priest Melak Birhan Ewenetu Yetemegne
In Ethiopia, there are deeply embedded traditions dictating that girls marry very young. But there is an effort underway in some of Ethiopia’s rural regions to end child marriage. These efforts, surprisingly, are led by Ethiopian Orthodox priests.
Full episode - March 04, 2015
Girls Club at the Merawi Primary School in Ethiopia
Each year, 15 million girls are forced into marriage, many of them before they turn 15. How can the practice be stopped?