Full story - February 08, 2018
Chinese rap singer Wang Hao, better known by his stage name PG One, performs during a New Year concert in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, Jan. 1, 2018.
The Chinese government is cracking down on the country's nascent hip-hop scene. The genre recently exploded into the mainstream in China, after the popular Rap of China contest debuted last summer.
Full story - February 04, 2018
Bottles of water
Global food conglomerate Nestle is in a battle with critics in tiny Osceola Township, Michigan, where residents complain the Swiss company's water extraction techniques are ruining the environment.
Full story - January 31, 2018
Videos of French shoppers jostling as they tried to grab heavily discounted tubs of the chocolate spread in Intermarche stores have gone viral over the past week.
Full story - January 29, 2018
A view shows the flooded banks of the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower.
Nearly 1,500 people have been evacuated from homes in the Paris region, with authorities on alert for any major flood risk after the levels of the swollen River Seine rose further on Sunday.
Full story - January 28, 2018
The moon is red-orange as it hangs in the sky next to the left of a high-rise building.
Moongazers in western North America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Australia can catch a glimpse of an "astronomical trifecta."
Full story - January 28, 2018
A man holds a white sign with lettering in Russian. He is surrounded by dozens of others. The sign says "Putin, you are not my president."
Rallies were held in dozens of cities in freezing temperatures as people protested 'pseudo-elections'
Full story - January 27, 2018
Two women hold pink and orange umbrellas as they carefully walk through a flooded area of dark earth, which is dark with volcanic ash.
Rainwater could combine with ash to form deadly rivers called lahars, which could sweep away settlements
Full story - January 27, 2018
Two men are covered in dust from an explosion. One has blood on his face, the other has his head wrapped in bandages and he is on a cell phone as others help support him as he walks.
The attack is the largest since May and the second this week
Full story - January 24, 2018
Save the Children
The assault on Save the Children, which has operated in Afghanistan since 1976, is the latest violence to hit a foreign aid group in the country.
Full story - January 24, 2018
horse toes
Scientists agree that humans, horses and other mammals are descendants of a common, distant ancestor with five fingers per limb.