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Global Politics

Obama wraps up India visit

President Obama spent the last day of his visit to India in the capital Delhi. It's been a fruitful visit for the President with trade deals worth billions of dollars tied up which would create thousands of jobs in the US. The BBC's Tinku Ray reports.

Conflict & Justice

One year later in Sri Lanka

Since the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka were defeated, the Sri Lankan government's priority has been reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconciliation. The government claims it's progressing. Some Tamils aren't impressed. The BBC's Tinku Ray reports.

Global Politics

Religious thugs in southern India

Hindus, Muslims and Christians all live together in the southern Indian town of Mangalore. Their young people are told not to mix with one another. If they do, they face gangs of religious thugs. The BBC's Tinku Ray has the story.

Conflict & Justice

Mumbai remembers

Ceremonies are being held in Mumbai to mark a year since the terrorist attacks. Marco Werman talks with Tinku Ray, who is in Mumbai for the commemoration.

Global Politics

India's Maoist insurgency

India is preparing to strike at Maoist rebels. The 40-year-long Maoist insurgency has claimed more than 600 lives just this year. The BBC's Tinku Ray traveled to a village that used to be under Maoist control but the government has taken it back.