Susannah George

Susannah George

I’m Susannah George, a radio and print journalist based in Beirut covering the Middle East. I write for NPR, PRI, Global Post and Foreign Policy. My assignments have taken me to Iraq, Egypt, Libya and southern Turkey.
Prior to moving to Beirut I was a producer and editor for NPR based in Washington DC, but traveling all over: from the campaign trail in Iowa to Pakistan’s Swat Valley.

Recent Stories

Global Politics

Baghdad after dark

Reporter Susannah George samples some of Baghdad's nightlife, and explains why Iraqis are becoming more comfortable in their capital city after dark.

Global Politics

Iraqis still want US help in Anbar

Correspondent Susannah George visits Iraq's Anbar Province, once the most dangerous place for US troops in Iraq. Today, US forces are getting ready to withdraw, but some Iraqis there don't want the Americans to leave.

Global Politics

Iraqi women talk politics

The political arena in Iraq is almost exclusively a male domain. But Iraqi women have their opinions too. Reporter Susannah George visited a Baghdad beauty salon to find out how some Iraqi women feel about their country's political situation.

Global Politics

Iraq's postal service delivers

Iraq still hasn't formed a new government but some things never stopped. For instance, Iraq's postal service. Even throughout the war, it kept on delivering the mail. The World's Susannah George visited a post office in Baghdad.

Conflict & Justice

Iraq's Navy

The Iraqi Navy was almost completely destroyed during the 1990 Gulf War. Following the 2003 invasion, American and British forces have been slowly rebuilding Iraq's naval capabilities. Reporter Susannah George reports from Basra.