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Botswana's Big Break

"The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" finishes up its season on HBO this weekend. It's based on the mystery novel series by Alexander McCall Smith. Botswana music producer Solo B. tells Studio 360's Rob Weisberg about the musicians on the soundtrack. He says "No. 1 Ladies" is a big opportunity for Botswana artists to break out of the shadow of South Africa.

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Rock Posters

From Studio 360: Stephen Byram has created album covers for everyone from the Beastie Boys to jazz great Dave Douglas. As a child of the 1960s, Byram became seduced by rock n' roll poster art. Produced by Rob Weisberg.

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Aha Moment: Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd witnessed key moments in music history, like hiring Pink Floyd as a London house band, or helping Bob Dylan plug in his electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival. Joe describes the fateful afternoon he decided to go into music. Produced by Rob Weisberg.

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Extra Golden

Extra Golden is an unusual collaboration of musicians from Western Kenya and the Eastern USA. They recorded their first CD in Kenya, on a laptop, in a bar. Studio 360's Rob Weisberg asks the motley crew about how they manage to mix different styles.

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For hundreds of years, musicians from India and Pakistan have taken the poetry called ghazal and set it to music. The songs project such deep longing that you don't need to know Urdu to feel the pain. Produced by Rob Weisberg.