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Abbas's political misfortunes

There may been an 18-month truce announced this weekend between Israel and Hamas. No one's really coming out a winner. But the big loser may be the Palestinian authority's president, Mahmood Abbas. The World's Quil Lawrence reports from the West Bank.

Global Politics

Big turnout in Israel

Israelis voted today in national elections. The outcome could be murky. The World's Quil Lawrence reports that voters are concerned less with the economy and more about security.

Global Politics

Israeli elections

The war in Gaza has made Israel's election campaign a short one -- and there are concerns that turnout be low next week. The World's Quil Lawrence reports from Jerusalem.

Conflict & Justice

Hamas asserting control in Gaza

Gazans are slowly starting to rebuild after the three week war between Israel and Hamas. Many in Gaza are getting assistance from Hamas. As The World's Quil Lawrence reports from Gaza City, Hamas is aiming to demonstrate that it's still firmly in control.

Conflict & Justice

Recover in the Gaza strip

President Obama didn't waste any time diving into the cauldron of Middle East diplomacy. That pursuit begins in the aftermath of Israel's 22-day military offensive in Gaza. The Palestinian territory is in ruins right now -- and so are the lives of many Gaza residents. The World's Quil Lawrence has one family's story.

Global Politics

The conflict in Gaza

The World's Quil Lawrence has the latest from Gaza. Today UN leader Ban-Ki Moon visited the Gaza Strip and expressed shock and anger at the devastation of the area.