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The Sound Mind of Ben Burtt

Ben Burtt created some of the most famous movie sounds, including R2D2's mechanical chatter and the whir of the light saber. Burtt is also the voice of WALL-E, the starring robot in Pixar's 2008 animated movie. Kurt talks to Burtt about the legendary sounds of his career. Burtt is up for two Oscars for his sound editing and sound mixing work on WALL-E.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Class

Nominated in the Best Foreign Language category, "The Class" looks so real, some might think it's a documentary - and a veteran teacher stars in the film. Sarah Elzas talked with director Laurent Cantet, who spent several months in a Paris high school preparing for the film.

Arts, Culture & Media

Man on Wire

Philippe Petit's unauthorized walk on a high wire between the World Trade Center towers transfixed the world in 1974. The Oscar-nominated documentary "Man on Wire" depicts how an acrobat and a rag-tag team of friends pulled off this extraordinary feat. Kurt visits the site of the walk (now Ground Zero) with Petit and director James Marsh.

Arts, Culture & Media

Dudamel Builds His Base

Gustavo Dudamel, the 28-year-old who will take over the Los Angeles Philharmonic, is making waves in classical music. Fellow Venezuelan Pilar Marrero went to see "the Dude" in action with some LA youngsters. Marrero reports for La Opinion and Feet in Two Worlds, a project of the Center for New York City Affairs at the New School.

Arts, Culture & Media

Ben Kweller

At 14 he was fronting a signed punk band. Now a wise man of 27, Ben Kweller's music is full of lush melodies and plainspoken lyrics. Kurt talked with Kweller in 2007 and asked him what childhood was like as a famous kid rocker. Kweller's new record is called Changing Horses.

Arts, Culture & Media

Eleni Mandell

Over the years she's bounced from jazz, to country, to torchy pop, to hard-edged rock n'roll. In every genre, she's a master at crafting perfect break-up anthems and not-so-lovey-dovey love songs. Kurt talks with Mandell about her new record, Artificial Fire. And Mandell and her band perform live in Studio 360.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Haiku-ing It to the Man

A few weeks ago we asked listeners to submit original haiku inspired by the state of the economy. Dozens poured in: our own unscientific proof that the financial crisis is a boon for creativity. Here are some of our favorites.

Lifestyle & Belief

My Poet, My Novelist

What's it like to practice the same line of work as your spouse? Novelist Naeem Murr wrote about that marriage for the Poetry Foundation. We brought him together with his wife, Averill Curdy, for both sides of the story. Produced by Studio 360's Pejk Malinovski.