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The Art of Aging

Betty Woodman reveals how she keeps coming up with new ideas after 50 years. And Taylor Mead, our candidate for oldest living beatnik, tells of his life as an "extremely semi-famous" artist. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.

Arts, Culture & Media


American rock has been cribbing African sounds for years. Now a South African band is poised to make a big splash on our shores. BLK JKS blends African sounds with MTV-inspired art rock. Band members Lindani Buthelezi and Mpumi Mcata visit Studio 360.

Conflict & Justice

Mamak Khadem

Iranian-born singer Mamak Khadem moved to Los Angeles in 1977, two years before the Islamic revolution. Today the Persian community in Southern California numbers nearly 600,000 people. Mamak takes Kurt on a walk along Westwood Boulevard, the commercial heart of "Tehran-geles," to her favorite record store, The Music Box.

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Three Fundred Million Dollar Man

Conceptual artist Mel Chin has made a career turning toxic landfills and abandoned buildings into things of beauty. Lately he's been concerned with the poisonous levels of lead in the soil of New Orleans. Cleaning up a problem like this is a huge undertaking that requires an enormous amount of money; Eve Abrams looks at Chin's creative scheme to make money.

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Alan Moore's ambitious graphic novel Watchmen wowed a generation of readers when it came out in 1986. Twenty-three years later, it's making its big-screen debut. On PRI's Studio 360.

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Marlon James

Marlon James's new novel The Book of Night Women is set on a Jamaican sugar plantation at the turn of the 19th century. It follows slave rebellion, but is also a coming-of-age story of Lilith, the enslaved daughter of the plantation's overseer. James talks to Kurt about the challenges of writing voices for nine different women.

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Madea Get Your Gun

"Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail" is the latest in the saga of the gun-toting grandma played by Perry in drag. The movies are hugely popular, but are often panned in reviews. Two critics, Melissa Anderson and Armond White, explain why their colleagues are missing out. Produced by Trent Wolbe.

Arts, Culture & Media

Saving Nosadella

In Los Angeles, Kurt visits the J. Paul Getty Museum's conservation studio. Sue Ann Chui shows Kurt around the studio and describes what it takes to restore a 16th century Madonna and Child by the Bolognese painter Nosadella.