Misha Friedman

Misha Friedman

Misha Friedman is a NYC-based documentary photographer with a background in humanitarian work. His recent long-term projects deal with corruption and patriotism in Russia and the tuberculosis epidemic in the former Soviet Union. 

Recent Stories


The grip of HIV and tuberculosis in South Africa: Portraits of survivors and those who are gone

Three years ago, photographer Misha Friedman traveled to South Africa. He went to Gugulethu, a township near Cape Town, to photograph several women living with HIV and tuberculosis. This year, he went back to try and find the women again. Some have since died. Friedman has now produced a new portrait series — focusing in part on those who were left behind and on the ongoing HIV crisis in South Africa — a country with the highest infection rate in the world.


Stigma, discrimination, violence: Among the internally displaced in Ukraine with HIV (Photos)

There are 1.7 million internally displaced people, according to the Ukrainian government. But international organizations think the true number could be higher. There is now a government ministry to handle the displacement crisis, but the task of helping some groups is huge. One group in particular need is those whom are HIV positive where access to anti-retroviral medications is particularly difficult.