Michael Feldman

Michael Feldman

Michael Feldman's successful career as a radio quizmaster ("a great gig to have," says Feldman, "not so great if you're looking for work") began, somewhat unintentionally, when, returning to Wisconsin Public Radio from a brief but over-stimulating several months at WGN in Chicago compelled him towards doing a talk show without talk radio hot buttons, meaning either a quiz or swap-meet format. "Really liked the swap meet idea, back hoe for a hot tub kind of thing, but with quizzes there's no shipping." 

For Feldman, his new podcast, like the radio show, is all about audience: "The audience brings the show," says Michael, "I am an empty vessel, imploring, Fill Me!" In gratitude, Feldman provides great interviews, music and quiz opportunities with "not exactly big-ticket prizes--after all, it's how you play the game."

The entire Whad'ya Know crew is reunited for the podcast: John Thulin, piano and offhand remarks, that stand-up guy on stand-up bass, Jeff Hamann, and, our newest and most welcome addition, Stephanie Lee, most definitely, promoted on merit to co-host, along with her announcing duties. The show's new home is Madison's premiere music venue, the High Noon Saloon, "really a Salon, says Michael, "with an -oo."

For Feldman, the Brave New World of Podcasting is "an exciting opportunity to bring what you'd swear was a live radio show to a middle aged man on a cross- trainer at his health club." Of him, Feldman notes, "This guy's the limit."