Marc Kilstein

Marc Kilstein really likes to make radio. He's a former producer of the BBC World Service program Boston Calling, and sometime producer for PRI's The World. 

Before joining The World newsroom, Marc was Associate Producer at the public radio documentary program Humankind. He's also been an Associate Producer at NPR’s On Point and PRI’s The Takeaway. Prior to radio, he wrote and researched for The Nation magazine and reported for Talking Points Memo.

Marc studied human rights at Columbia University and war theory at the London School of Economics.

Recent Stories


For hard-luck Haiti, a new challenge: Basketball


Soccer has long been king in Haiti. But over the last few years, a new sport has taken hold: basketball. Now, there's an ambitious push, led by an unlikely cast of characters, to build a Haitian national team that can compete on the Olympic stage.


How the Kouachi brothers fell through the cracks

Both French and American authorities are facing serious questions over the failure to prevent this week's Paris siege. The answers may be matters of intelligence and diplomacy — but they could also come down to simple matters of time and money.


An AirAsia jet carrying 162 people is still missing

As authorities continue to search for a missing AirAsia flight bound for Singapore, fears are growing that the aircraft is "at the bottom of the sea." Meanwhile, AirAsia’s flamboyant chief executive, Tony Fernandes, has been thrust into the international spotlight as his company confronts its first major crisis.