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Bacteria Biofuel

Frances Arnold is a biochemical engineer at Cal Tech working on a part of the energy crisis. Her team is altering the genetic codes of bacteria to evolve organisms than can digest grass and excrete biofuel. She tells Kurt about "directed evolution."

Global Politics

Coney Island Sunshine

The New York subway system has one of the best environmental designs of recent years: Coney Island's Stillwell Avenue terminal is topped by a state-of-the-art photovoltaic glass roof. Kurt Andersen took the train to check it out with architect Greg Kiss.

Arts, Culture & Media


Nader Khalili created a housing movement for the future. Khalili prototyped his dome-shaped adobes on a commission from NASA. He realized that his "superadobes" could take root on Earth. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky visited Cal-Earth with some friends.


Solar Power Cart

Mouna Andraos has been fascinated by street vendors since her childhood. She has created a portable street generator that uses a crank and a solar cell to charge cell phones and laptops. Ada Lee Halofsky hit the street to see Power Cart in action.

Arts, Culture & Media

Eco Art

Photographer Brandon Ballengée spends his days hunting for frogs with extra legs and missing eyes. He's an eco artist, and by seeking out these mutant anomalies, he hopes to bring environmentalism to new audiences. Produced by Studio 360's Trey Kay.