Kenny Sokan

Kenny Sokan

Kenny Sokan was co-op student at PRI's The World for the winter 2016 semester.

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Airstrikes in Syria hit hospitals, killing at least 50 people

"I think the situation inside Syria is a war without law and a war without end," said David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, and former foreign secretary for the UK. “And I’m afraid that our workers and the people they serve are daily subjects to the Assad Regime, [and] its barrel bombing missions.”


Ebola survivors face lingering health problems

In addition to physical health problems, the virus can have damaging psychological and social effects on survivors, which has now become a major concern among health workers and humanitarian aid organizations. Survivors often have difficulty reintegrating into society after recovery due to the stigma surrounding the disease and face social rejection by their peers.