Ken Bader

Ken Bader

Senior Editor

As one of the Senior Editors of The World, Ken Bader helps correspondents from around the globe write accurate, balanced, clear, and stylish stories. Ken helps reporters sound precise yet conversational, thoughtful yet spontaneous, serious yet not too serious.

Ken has been in radio for more than 40 years. In 1971, he took his first position in public radio, working as a public affairs producer at WSUI, Iowa City. Since then, Ken has written and produced stories and programs for several NPR affiliates and nationally broadcast programs. He has been the Senior Editor of “Critic’s Choice” for the Voice of America, “Monitor Radio” for The Christian Science Monitor, and “Weekend Edition Sunday” for NPR.

Ken's first journalistic love has always been international news, and he feels excited and privileged to work with The World's extraordinary corps of overseas correspondents. He says he learns something new, not merely every day, but every hour on the job. He especially enjoys working with the veteran BBC journalists, whose use of phrases like "queuing up," "driving lorries," and "bloody awful" causes him no end of cross-cultural amusement.

Recent Stories

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Brazil's Mauricio de Souza

Drummer and bandleader Mauricio de Souza called Brazil home when he was a child. He's called the US home since he came here as a teenager thirteen years ago. And ever since, he's been busy on several musical fronts. The World's Ken Bader has his story.

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Grada's Natural Angle

The opening track on the latest CD by Grada might lead you to believe that you're in for a set of Irish jigs and reels but the quintet has more on its collective mind than traditional Celtic music. The World's Ken Bader has today's Global Hit.

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Afghan Star

The World's Ken Bader previews the film �Afghan Star.� It's a documentary about the hit TV show that's Afghanistan's version of �American Idol.�