Joanne Levine

Joanne Levine

Joanne Levine was hired as managing editor/executive producer to help launch Orb’s first story. She helped select the story, drive the editorial vision and fill in any and all gaps — from writing the multimedia story to hiring translators.

Joanne has spent her professional life traveling the globe to better understand the world. Her distinguished career includes helping to launch Al Jazeera English in the United States as its founding head of programming for North and South America, where she was responsible for all documentary and current affairs output from those regions.

Prior to that, Levine was an award-winning producer for ABC News for its premiere news programs Nightline with Ted Koppel and ABC News World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Shortly after 9/11 Levine went to Amman, Jordan on a Knight International fellowship to train Arab female journalists and met her husband along the way. 

Levine has garnered myriad awards including Emmys for her work in Iraq, and a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for her reporting on rape as a weapon of war during the Rwandan genocide.  She began her journalism career in Moscow, where she was a founding reporter for the Moscow Times, Russia’s first English language daily newspaper. Levine received her M.S. in journalism from Columbia University.

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Whether you call it “domestic violence,” “partner violence” or “intimate partner violence” there is one key reality: It’s everywhere. Every country and every culture. Every faith. Every education and economic level. Old and young. Men and women. Of the 115 countries for which we aggregated the most recent data, the lowest prevalence rate is 5 percent. But 80 of these countries (just over two-thirds of them) have a rate at or above 20 percent. That means that, in many countries, at least one in five women have experienced violence at the hand of their partner.