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Conflict & Justice

Attacks on Russian journalists

Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow on recent attacks suffered by Russian journalists. Two men who were attacked recently had reported on efforts to stop developers from cutting down trees around Moscow to make room for new highways.

Global Politics

Moscow Mayor remembered

Jessica Golloher profiles Yuri Luzhkov, the just-fired mayor of Moscow. Luzhkov has been very active during his tenure � changing the facing of one of Europe's olest cities.

Global Politics

Who is boss in Russia?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is seen as a sportsman, a hunter, an athlete, a �manly man.' But what about Russian President Dmitry Medvedev? Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow on the very different public images of Russia's leaders.


Many Muscovites are getting out of town

Global climate change is partly to blame for the abnormally hot and dry weather in Moscow, say researchers. The fires continue to burn in central and western Russia, and as Jessica Golloher reports, many are gettin' out of town.

Global Politics

Russia battles devastating fires

Russia is enduring its most severe heat wave on record. The scorching temperatures have set off hundreds of ravaging wild fires. In the last 24 hours firefighters have put out nearly 300. More are flaring up. Reporter Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow.

Conflict & Justice

Moscow subway bombers kill dozens

At least 38 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow Metro trains in the morning rush hour, officials say. The FSB said it was likely a group from the North Caucasus was responsible. Jessica Golloher reports.p

Conflict & Justice

Russian police under fire

Jessica Golloher reports on the uproar in Russia caused by a traffic incident in Moscow. It involved Russian police officers forcing motorists to park their cars across a highway to block a fleeing suspect.