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Conflict & Justice

Global food prices at ?record high'

Global food prices rose to a new high in December, according to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization - above the previous record of 2008 that saw prices spark riots in several countries. We hear from three countries what that means.

Global Politics

Domain name echoes Soviet times

It has been nearly 20 years since the Soviet Union dissolved, but that hasn't stopped some Russians from using an Internet domain called .su, which stands for the Soviet Union. Jessica Golloher has the details from Moscow.

Conflict & Justice

Tightening control in Moscow

Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow that riots and demonstrations have broken out on the streets of the capital in the past week. While the Kremlin is threatening tighter controls, some observers say the Kremlin may be behind some of the violence.

Global Politics

Putin finds his thrill

Vladimir Putin wowed a crowd in St. Petersburg, singing 'Blueberry Hill' in English for a children's charity. Jessica Golloher tells us how the Russian prime minister found his thrill.

Global Politics

Russia's World Cup hopes

FIFA is expected to announce the winner Thursday. As Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow, the competition is heating up as Russia kicks soccer balls at England's bid and English officials face corruption charges.

Conflict & Justice

Smoking ban for Russia

Russia is set to implement a smoking ban. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is all for it, but many Russians don't think the ban will fly. Reporter Jessica Golloher has the story.