Jennifer Strong

Jennifer Strong


Jennifer Strong is an independent journalist. Her work has been heard on The Wall Street Journal This Morning, NPR Newscast, Marketplace, WCBS New York, XM Satellite Radio, KABC Los Angeles, PRI’s The World, Dow Jones Money Report, and WLS Chicago. She produced NPR’s Motley Fool Radio Show and spent five years on-air at NPR member station WAMU in Washington, DC. She is a member of the Broadcast Committee of the National Press Club and an anchor of its podcast, Update One. She has a graduate degree in public affairs journalism from American University and recently completed a Knight Science Journalism workshop at MIT.

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Despite big efforts, the US is still a major consumer of illegal elephant ivory

Anti-poaching advocates have tried all manner of ways to get people to stop purchasing illegal animal products, from celebrity ads to staged, public destruction of ivory caches. In June 2015, the US government made a very public display of crushing a ton in front of thousands of onlookers in Times Square. Yet poachers are still finding a market for illegal ivory on American streets, thanks to the US’s confusing and hard-to-enforce poaching laws.