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Outward Bound: PTSD

Afghanistan combat veteran Kyle Stozek and New York Times reporter Conrad Mulcahy talk about post-traumatic stress disorder and a new outdoor education program that helps soldiers who suffer from it.

Arts, Culture & Media

Clare and the Reasons

You may not have heard of her yet, but there's a good chance you've heard Clare Muldaur: her unmistakable soprano has been heard on the series Arrested Development, among other TV shows and films. She speaks to Faith about her new album, "The Movie."

Arts, Culture & Media

George Lopez

George Lopez is a Grammy-nominated comedian, television producer, writer, and actor whose latest movie, Balls of Fury, is in theaters now.


Kassim the Dream

Faith talks to filmmaker Kief Davidson and Kassim Ouma, the focus of the new documentary film Kassim the Dream, which tells the story of a Ugandan child soldier who later became the junior middleweight boxing champion of the world.

Business, Economics and Jobs

David Michaels

Epidemiologist and former Assistant Secretary of Energy David Michaels talks about his new book, in which he describes the rise of "mercenary scientists" and "product defense" firms.

Arts, Culture & Media

Movies vs. videogames

Fair Game's Ed Herro offers some tips on how fans of both the upcoming Iron Man movie and the video game Grand Theft Auto 4 can enjoy both new releases on the same day.


William Crawford

Faith talks to William Crawford, the co-creator of Concrete Canvas, a unique fabric that can be used to create a bulletproof shelter.