Dudley Althaus

Dudley Althaus was GlobalPost's senior correspondent for Mexico and Central America, based in Mexico City. Althaus has reported on Mexico and Latin America, mostly for Texas newspapers, for nearly all his three decades as a journalist. He's covered everything from drug war mayhem and political intrigue to environmental threats and energy industry investment. At a time when politicos and pundits are lauding "Mexico's moment," Althaus' coverage is infused with his deep experience.

Recent Stories


Mexico's drug war shifts gears, again

Analysis: Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had seemed eager to pull back from his predecessor's militarized drug war swagger. But now the navy, aided by US intelligence, is netting cartel capos again with a vengeance.


How Mexico got so fat

A UN report says Mexicans are the heaviest of the world's larger nations, even as they battle hunger and malnutrition. How did it come to this?