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The State of the Gulf, Then and Now

Five years ago, the DeepWater Horizon well explosion gushed 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, scientists have been examining its effects on the ocean and marine life. In 2012, reporter David Levin from Mind Open Media chronicled the efforts of a team of chemists, engineers and biologists assessing the overall damage to the Gulf ecosystem. We look back on these events and turn to David Hollander, a leading marine chemist involved in this research, for an update on the state of the Gulf today.

New Research Probes BP Oil Disaster

5 million barrels of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico when BP's Macondo well exploded in 2010, and some oil remained suspended in the water. New research in Hamburg, Germany is examining why the oil behaved in such an unexpected way.

Lasting Impacts of Gulf Oil Spill

The marine environment in the Gulf of Mexico is still suffering three years after nearly 5 million barrels of crude oil gushed from the blown out Macondo well. Scientists from the Center for Integrated Modeling and Analysis of the Gulf Ecosystem, C-IMAGE, are studying the effects on the tiny life forms at the base of the food chain.

Deepwater Disaster Three Years On

Just three years ago, the Deep Water Horizon oil spill poured 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Now, a team of chemists, engineers, and biologists is attempting to assess the damage to the Gulf ecosystem.