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Poland Wants US Travel Visa-Free

President Barack Obama will be in Poland Friday, but people there may not be that happy to see him. Poles are frustrated that the United States still requires them to get a visa to visit the country. Dave McGuire reports from Warsaw.

Global Politics

Poles unfazed by fracking?

Dave McGuire reports on the quiet arrival in Poland of the controversial practice of natural gas "fracking," a way of extracting hard-to-get natural gas that has some environmentalists concerned.

Arts, Culture & Media

Tartar cuisine

We're looking for a Central European country on the Baltic Sea in the Geo Quiz. You can enjoy Tartar cuisine there, in a new restaurant that recently opened in the northeast of the country.

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Fat Thursday

A jelly donut is your first clue for today's Geo Quiz. Most everyone in the Central European country we're looking for enjoys a good jelly donut. Except they call them paczkis and today happens to be Paczki Day in our mystery nation...

Arts, Culture & Media

Rethinking parenting in Poland

The traditional way of raising children in Poland emphasizes strict discipline and preparing the youngsters for hardship. Dave McGuire reports on how some younger Polish parents are going for a softer, gentler approach.