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Arts, Culture & Media

New talent at the Louvre Auditorium

In the Global Hit, we go in search of new musical talent in Paris. The Louvre Museum in the French capital has a concert space called the Louvre Auditorium. The BBC's Christian Fraser attended a recent recital to see who's looking for a break.

Conflict & Justice

Egyptian women fight harassment

Egyptian women are often subject to sexual harassment and campaigners for women's rights are calling for new laws to deal with the issue. Some Egyptian women are now taking their security into their own hands. The BBC's Christian Fraser reports from Egypt.

Global Politics

War torn Gaza to receive U.S. aid

Hillary Clinton promised U.S. support for rebuilding Gaza today, pledging $ 900 million in aid. But it's not clear how the U.S. will deliver this aid with Hamas in power and an Israeli blockade still in effect.

In the footsteps of a war criminal

The former Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic had been leading a secret life before his arrest earlier this week, and The BBC's Christian Fraser followed in Karadzic's footsteps to find out more about that secret life.