Chhavi Sachdev

Chhavi Sachdev

Chhavi Sachdev is a reporter, producer, and editor who finds herself drawn always to stories of oddities, quirks, and the little man trying to make a big change. And chocolate. 

When she's not working (and sometimes even when she is) you can find her plotting her next journey, baking, or making mix tapes for friends. She's a science nerd, animal slave, wine snob  and action flick junkie. After living on three continents, she now resides in Mumbai, but her travel case is always packed.


Recent Stories


If you want to honk in India, you may have to pay

India's noise pollution is legendary: By some measures, India has three of the top five noisiest cities in the world. The worst offenders are on the road, and while some people complain about it, one person stepped up to the challenge of taking it on — by making honking a privilege that will literally cost you.


Women in India agitate for their right to pee

About 600 million Indians live without toilets, and women and girls bear the brunt of that shortage. While men can and do relieve themselves almost anywhere, many women must choose between scarce, dangerous public facilities or expensive pay toilets when they need to pee.

Global Politics

A 2000-year-old business

Imagine running a family business that has been around for 2000 years. Reporter Chhavi Sachdev profiles two brothers in India who run a genealogy business the old-fashioned way: traversing the Indian subcontinent to keep family histories up to date.