Bridgid McCarthy

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Conflict & Justice

Eastern Europe's Bloodlands'

The opening of Soviet and East European archives has provided historians a tidal wave of new information about the crimes of Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Brigid McCarthy reports on one historian's work.

Global Politics

Ukraine rewrites history books

Ukraine's new Russia-leaning government is re-writing history. It's put out a new curriculum and history textbooks that omit the Orange Revolution of 2004. Correspondent Brigid McCarthy has the story.

Arts, Culture & Media

Ukrainian novelist on post-Soviet man

Reporter Brigid McCarthy profiles Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, he's written more than a dozen novels and children's stories. But Kurkov says all of his stories are really about the evolution of the post Soviet man.

Arts, Culture & Media

Mad Heads XL

Mad Heads XL is one of the most popular rock bands in Ukraine. It's also among the few Ukrainian bands with a sizable international following. Brigid McCarthy reports from Kiev.

Global Politics

The ordeal of Ukrainian Nazi slave laborers

When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, they seized millions of Ukrainians and sent them back to Germany as slave laborers. When the laborers who survived went home after the war, they were treated as Nazi collaborators. Reporter Brigid McCarthy reports.