Bobby Bascomb

Bobby Bascomb

Bobby Bascomb is a freelance producer based in South Africa. Formerly she was a producer and reporter for the public radio program Living on Earth since 2006. With a background in environmental studies and geography, her reporting focuses on the often-complicated relationship between human development and environmental conservation. She has reported on critical environmental issues ranging from indigenous land rights to climate change.

Bobby has collaborated on a series of reports focused on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, including an hour-long documentary. That work explored a United Nations mechanism to mitigate climate change by reducing tropical deforestation. She also reported on the construction of a highly controversial dam installation on the Madeira River at the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Recent Stories

Whales at Home in the Caribbean

In the spring, humpback whales begin their annual migration north to various parts the cold and food-rich waters of the North Atlantic. But the entire population cozies up during winter in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic.

Amazon Deforestation on the Rise

After more than 6 years of steady declines the deforestation rate in the Brazilian Amazon has more than doubled in the last six months. Many observers blame recent changes to Brazil’s Forest Code for the dramatic rise.

US Carbon Emissions At A New Low

US carbon dioxide emissions have gone down by 13% in the last five years to the lowest levels recorded since 1994. Cheap natural gas, renewable energy and increased efficiency largely explain our reduced emissions.


Is Bigger Better? Every year the non-profit organization American Forests updates its registry of the champion trees in each species in the country.

RIO+20: The Earth Conference Revisited

Twenty years ago the first U.N. Earth Summit convened in Rio, Brazil to tackle the biggest environmental challenges of the day. Now world leaders met in Rio again, with many global challenges today more extreme.

Caravan of Hope

More than 25 bands from 11 different African nations are traveling across the continent to raise awareness about climate change.