Bobby Bascomb

Bobby Bascomb

Bobby Bascomb is a freelance producer based in South Africa. Formerly she was a producer and reporter for the public radio program Living on Earth since 2006. With a background in environmental studies and geography, her reporting focuses on the often-complicated relationship between human development and environmental conservation. She has reported on critical environmental issues ranging from indigenous land rights to climate change.

Bobby has collaborated on a series of reports focused on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, including an hour-long documentary. That work explored a United Nations mechanism to mitigate climate change by reducing tropical deforestation. She also reported on the construction of a highly controversial dam installation on the Madeira River at the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Recent Stories

Pesticides on Produce

An apple a day may keep the doctor away but most in American supermarkets also come spiked with a cocktail of residual chemical pesticides. The Environmental Working Group has released its annual dirty dozen list of the fruits and vegetables with the most and least amount of detectible pesticide residues.

Divesting From Fossil Fuels

Theres a growing movement across the US of people demanding that large institutions pull their investments from fossil fuel companies. In Massachusetts pensioners, professors, and students are all calling for divestment from the corporations most responsible for climate disruption.

Protecting the Amazon, Preserving Culture

Para state in Brazil is ground zero for deforestation and dam construction. Its also home to indigenous tribes like the Kayapo. Recently featured on the cover of National Geographic, the Kayapo are adopting modern technology like cell phones and facebook while continuing to maintain their cultural traditions and protect the forest.

Modern Gleaning Helps the Hungry

Gleaning is an ancient tradition. In the Torah and Old Testament farmers are instructed to leave some food in their fields for the poor to collect. Today volunteer gleaners can go to farmers fields at the end of the season to harvest the last of the bounty and then deliver the produce to food pantries for the food insecure.

Power Shift - Generating Community Solar Power

Roof top solar is not possible for many homes, which are oriented the wrong way or in the shadow of trees. But residents in rural Massachusetts are working on a novel way to install their solar panels far from their own roofs.

Solar Powered Ship

The world’s largest solar powered boat made history when it circumnavigated the globe finishing last year. Now it is back at work in the Atlantic as a platform from which scientists can collect data about the Gulf Stream free of emissions that would normally acompany a power boat.

Romance and Spring Harvest At Paradise Lot

For most gardeners, springtime means a few seedlings on a window sill. But for perennial gardeners, spring is a time of harvest. The new book, , is a personal and heartwarming account of finding romance and growing a permaculture food forest of perennial plants on a degraded backyard plot in a gritty neighborhood of Holyoke, MA.

Fish Farm Food or Dog Treats?

For the month of April, Earth Month, we look back at a Living on Earth story and then catch up with our sources for an update. This week we hear a story about using leftovers from a college cafeteria as a source of food for tilapia fish grown in an aquaponic system.