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Global Politics

Renewed focus on Caucasus region

The Russian government has faltered in its attempts to come to grips with the insurgency in the Caucasus. Andrei Mironov of the Moscow-based human rights organization Memorial gives details to host Marco Werman.

Global Politics

Berlusconi goes on a rant

Anchor Marco Werman talks to RAI journalist Fabio Colonna about the latest Silvio Berlusconi sandal in Italy. We will hear what was said when the Italian prime minister called in a talk show and insulted the program and its host.

Arts, Culture & Media

Chinese parenting style may be changing

In her new book 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,' Amy Chua writes about the Chinese style of parenting ? driving kids hard and demanding perfection. As The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports, parents in China are moving away from that style of parenting.

Conflict & Justice

More protests in Cairo

In Cairo today, thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with riot police. It was the largest demonstration in Egypt in years. The BBC's Jon Leyne in Cairo witnessed the clashes and describes the scene to host Marco Werman.