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Ashley Ahearn

Ashley Ahearn is the host of terrestrial, a national podcast on the environment, produced out of KUOW in Seattle.

Ashley brings more than a decade of experience covering the environment at the local and national level. Her stories have appeared on Marketplace, Morning Edition, Here and Now, The World and other NPR and PRI shows.  She holds a masters in science journalism from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California.

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Recent Stories

Wave Glider

A new robotic vehicle hits the waves to gather data that could unlock some important secrets of the ocean.

Undamming the Elwha

Scientists are looking at how best to restore fish populations in a river that’s been dammed for almost a century.

Global Politics

Iron Curtain becomes green belt

Twenty years ago today the Iron Curtain began to unravel. Now, the fortified east-west border is just a memory. But not all vestiges have vanished. Ashley Ahearn reports, in some places the former no-man's land is being preserved as a green belt.


Storing CO2 underground

There are two ways to reduce carbon dioxide. Emit less or remove it from the atmosphere by sequestering it below the earth's surface. As Ashley Ahearn reports, some of the most promising research in this field is happening in Iceland. On PRI's The World.

Skin Color and Vitamin D

Dark-skinned African Americans are twice as likely to be vitamin-D deficient as white Americans, and that may have major health repercussions.